How Server Hardware is Changing

Server hardware is changing all the time, and in more ways than one. Like most aspects of the computing industry there’s a constant drive for improvement within various data centers. Server hardware is constantly being updated to take advantage of new features and techniques.

One of the most important thing to understand about server hardware is that it’s very closely tied to the software which runs on it. To understand why hardware upgrades occur one must first understand a little bit about the software which runs on a server.


Some of the most popular software on servers comes in the form of virtualization. There’s a number of different types of virtualization software and each comes with unique benefits. Some come from well known companies and will have additional support. Other forms of virtualization software is open source and can be easily modified by in-house development teams. But there’s one constant among all forms of the software. Virtualization requires a lot of RAM.

And there’s a good reason for it. Virtualization is the process of running smaller virtual servers within a larger physical server. One can think of it as taking a large building and renting out space within it. Within a building it takes a lot of people to manage that process. Within servers, it takes a lot of additional resources and memory to allow it to function smoothly. And this brings up one of the single most important aspects of server hardware. And that’s RAM.


RAM refers to random access memory. It’s basically the computer equivalent of short term memory. When an event occurs within a computing environment, it’s up to RAM to notice it and consider what to do. This is also what makes it such an important part of virtualization. RAM allows a server to notice a multitude of different requests for pages coming in at the same time. And it also ensures that it can react to them as quickly as possible. Some of the tasks related to RAM can be offset to hard drives in times of necessity. But this slows things down to an extreme degree. For something that needs to be totally seamless, one will need RAM.

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And this is where one can see how small changes can have a big impact on the industry. RAM used to be quite expensive. Over time it’s become one of the less expensive aspects of the server. This has had a dramatic impact on the way that servers operate.